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I'm a colonist who has declared war on machines and intend to conquer them some day. You'll often find me deep in the trenches fighting off bugs and ugly defects in code. When I'm not tappity-tapping at my WMD (also, known as keyboard), you'll find me chatting with friends, reading comics or playing a PC game.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Start Stuff

Hi all! I've been deliberating for some time on whether I should start a blog or not. I guess I've got stuff to talk about and so I've finally taken the plunge. Here's the Disclaimer : "Nothing I've got to say is earth-shattering. Read at your own risk!" First, a little about myself. I am a student pursuing my Master's Degree in Computer Applications which I am due to complete in a few months. As you might have suspected, I am interested in tech talk. That's not the only stuff that I will talk about, though. I love listening to music and once in a while I will try to suggest and maybe even do a review on a good music album. The main reason as to why I've started this blog is so that I can share ideas and information. A lot of my time is spent in coding and I find out nifty tricks or read about such tricks elsewhere. I also come across coding bugs and perhaps if I post solutions to common problems other programmers could benefit from them. I also want to share my views on certain issues in the digital world (Read as : "I want to start a rant"). I play plenty of PC-based games and maybe once in a while I could talk about some of the games that I play. Of course, I welcome comments. If you find some error in a post of mine or just want to chip in with your view, go ahead. The world will be the better for it. Alright then. After all that's been said, let's start doing stuff.

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