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I'm a colonist who has declared war on machines and intend to conquer them some day. You'll often find me deep in the trenches fighting off bugs and ugly defects in code. When I'm not tappity-tapping at my WMD (also, known as keyboard), you'll find me chatting with friends, reading comics or playing a PC game.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Poem - The Warning

While going through an old diary of mine, I happened to stumble upon a poem I'd written in high school. It made me remember that I did want to be a writer before I became a programmer. Perhaps someday, I'll be able to do both.

The Warning

Spare me your protests for peace and love,
You do nothing but put on a lively show…
For then you disbelieve the one above,
And meekly forsake the man next door.

If autumn leaves were to fall in spring time,
Or Snowy flakes were to cover a summer street,
You would still call this poem a crime,
You would still throw tantrums and stamp your feet.

Your hunger-strikes won’t get what you want,
This isn’t the way the battle should be won,
I see starved looks on faces gaunt,
But is what you demand inevitably done?

The bomb blasts you decry aren’t one of a kind,
Hold on a bit and press rewind,
This happened before but you didn’t mind,
Now why would you get that petition signed?

Please don’t belittle this poem of mine,
I’d really appreciate it if you spent the time,
To work through each and every line,
You’ll see there’s always a reason and rhyme.