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I'm a colonist who has declared war on machines and intend to conquer them some day. You'll often find me deep in the trenches fighting off bugs and ugly defects in code. When I'm not tappity-tapping at my WMD (also, known as keyboard), you'll find me chatting with friends, reading comics or playing a PC game.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

AGlossBar: A CSS-only progress bar with gloss.

Hey folks,

I think I've learnt enough CSS to be able to make reusable components. I decided to start off with something that I thought would be both fun for me to do and useful for others to use. AGlossBar is a progress bar with a glossy look. The progress bar only requires the use of CSS, no images. The interesting part for me was coming up with a nice way to make the component tweakable by the user without compromising on its glossy appearance. Another hurdle (most likely due to my CSS n00bness) was finding a cross-browser solution. So far, I've only managed to test AGlossBar on the latest stable builds of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.
The project has been hosted on github at: http://github.com/angelorohit/AGlossBar

If you use AGlossBar for anything, I'd love to know! Feel free to make a post in the comments here or fire an email to angelorohit[at]gmail[dot]com.

Happy CSSing!