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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fate: Another Diablo Clone.

Fate is a dungeon crawler released in 2005 by Wild Tangent for the PC. Prima Facie, it seems like just another Diablo clone but there's a lot more to it. Ever since I completed Diablo II (about 3 times with different warrior classes :) ), I lay in wait for another Diablo Clone to come my way. Titan Quest (released in 2006) was great and maybe I'll blog about that someday. Diablo III is still in the works. So, in the meantime, let's talk about Fate.

Here are some of the nice things that I noted about Fate:
  • The game isn't as dark and gritty as Diablo II. The graphics are a lot more kiddish. Its 3D though but I find that sometimes when 2D artwork is done well in can look a lot better than a 3D game.
  • You have a pet (a dog or a cat) that fights on your behalf and can run back to town to sell items. The pet can also be transformed into some of the monsters that we encounter by feeding it fish!
  • Death isn't as frustrating as in Diablo. If the player dies, Fate itself appears and offers to resurrect the player (at the cost of experience, gold or both).
  • The dungeon level layouts and monsters and treasures are randomized.
  • You don't have different character classes as in Diablo II. The decision to be groomed as a brawler, sorceror or something in between is made while playing the game (Like purchasing sorceror items, giving more priority to Magic points instead of Strength).
Hope you enjoy some of the screenies I've posted of Fate and check out the links below to know more about the game.
("Don't bite the townsfolk." My pet may look like a Widow Spider but its still a dog at heart.)

(Me and the boys taking care of business.)

("Neat particle effects, guys but that won't stop me from taking you OUT!")

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