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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Free Stuff - Code::Blocks new release

I've been waiting for this for a long time (nearly two years actually). Code::Blocks 8.02 is here! I mentioned this free C++ IDE in a previous post of mine. At that time, it was called Code::Blocks 1.0 RC2. Now, the developers of Code::Blocks have decided to go with the Ubuntu style of versioning ie; "Year.Month". I must say that this IDE has begun to show much promise. I find it very intuitive and pretty feature-rich (code profiling, code statistics, code-completion and all that jazz) for something that's completely free. The best part, IMHO, is that Code::Blocks is cross-platform. Earlier, it was easy to download and install this IDE for Windows but when it came to Linux you had to configure it from source. They did have some packages targeting specific distributions but many of the links were broken. Now, the Linux packages have been given a face-lift. They even have a Mac OS X binary on the download page. Spiffy!
Interested? Hop on over and give it a try.
Code::Blocks 8.02 Free C++ IDE

Screenshot1: Building and executing a simple SDL application with Code::Blocks 8.02

Screenshot2: An amazing number of project templates for developers from all walks of life.

Screenshot3: Programming doesn't have to be stressful with the BYO Games tetris plugin. There's one for snake as well.

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