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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Firefox Download Day

This post is a slight digression but you could think of it as a news update... I've just been informed along with some 21,000 odd Indians out there that the download day for Firefox is June 17th. I see a lot of Internet Explorer users blissfully using the worst browser that exists for a single platform - Windows! Firefox is free of charge, more secure, well-featured and open-sourced. What can IE do that Firefox cannot? The answer is nothing. So, then why use something that is second-rate? It's not that you have to shell out a packet to use Firefox. It's absolutely free! I guess, the only reason IE still exists is because it comes for free with Microsoft Windows.

Hopefully when Firefox 3 sets a world record for the most software downloaded in a 24-hour period, more web-users will sit up and take notice. We are a country with the second largest population in the world. Let's prove that we are also willing to embrace a future of free and open-source software by participating in this important event.

On a side-note, I wouldn't recommend any NIN fan opening http://remix.nin.com with IE6.

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